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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello friends, clients, associates and investors. Welcome to my first blog!

I am now a proud member of the blogosphere—a techno-world containing more than 133 million individual blogs. I decided to do a little research before launching my first blog and was amazed to learn from Technorati (a blog indexer) that approximately 350 million people globally read blogs on a regular basis. I thought, 'what an unbelievably enormous market reach!' And so I realized that, of those numbers, a certain percentage may be interested in what this veteran wealth advisor had on his mind each week.

For starters, if you read my profile you know that I have been in the financial services industry for 24 years and I am a wealth advisor to a diverse mix of affluent individuals and families. I specialize in helping small business owners and professionals solve problems, meet challenges, and make wise choices in a multitude of areas. These areas include their retirement portfolios, 40l (k) and IRA accounts, as well as their joint and individual private accounts, and college savings plans.

For business owners and executives, my team and I focus on an important niche: creating retirement plans specifically for key company executives. We know that the environment for many industries has become so competitive that it is crucial for businesses to have certain programs in place to attract and retain their key employees. We are proud to say this is one of our differentiating factors because we have the knowledge, skill and experience to help business owners in that area. We've found that the average advisor, insurance professional or planner may not be completely familiar with the strategies and programs business owners need. This is where I can help.

And speaking of advisors, insurance professionals and planners…that brings up a topic that can be confusing, sometimes even to industry insiders. That topic is professional titles and what do they mean. Let me ask you: what does your advisor call himself/herself? A financial advisor? Investment advisor? Asset manager? Money manager? Stockbroker? Insurance agent? Wealth manager? Wealth advisor? Financial Planner? Investment management consultant? Are you dizzy yet? And that's just the beginning. Basically, it has become one huge bowl of alphabet soup. Do you have any idea what the titles mean and what are the differences of each?

What it all comes down to is their experience, professional education/certifications, knowledge and skill level. And these are the ingredients you need to check out before you hire an advisor. Without going into detail today (because I could write a book on the topic), what you really need to know is that a wealth advisor is a professional who is a highly skilled trusted financial professional who, much like having your own personal CFO, oversees all areas of your wealth. You don't need someone who simply sells an investment product or financial plan. You need a "partner" to guide you and give you meaningful advice.

In my upcoming blogs, I will go into more detail about these and other important issues you may have questions about, or those that might be affecting you today. I will be happy to discuss my areas of specialization including executive retirement plans or other investment solutions, so please blog me at or visit us at 732-974-3770

See you next time!


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